Brake Rotor Skimming Cost in Jamaica

Cost for cars: Honda Civic, Toyota Wish, Nissan Tida, etc cost $4000 + GCT per pair. Total time 25-35 minutes.

Costs for Vans: Toyota hiace, Nissan caravan, Noah, etc cost $4000 + GCT per pair. Total time 25-35 minutes.

Cost for Pickups: Hilux, Honda Ridgeline, Ford Ranger, etc cost $5000 + GCT per pair. Total time 30-40 minutes.

Cost for SUV: Toyota Prado, Hilux, Mitsubishi Pajero, BMW X5, etc cost $5000 + GCT per pair.Total time 30-40 minutes.

Cost for Box Trucks & Coaster buses: Isuzu NPR, Mitsubishi box trucks and coaster buses cost $8000 per pair + GCT. Total time 60 – 90 minutes.

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If you want the expert quality you would expect from the local dealership, but with a more personal and friendly atmosphere, you have found it.


We have invested in the latest brake repairs machine and tools that are specifically tailored for quality, precision brake machining, and repairs.


Our brake repair shop is capable of servicing a variety of models. We only do the work that is needed to fix your problem.


We provide top-notch brake repair services for all types of vehicles.
Our state of the art machine can repair the following makes:

  • General Motors
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • BMW
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes – Benz
  • Jaguar
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Jeep
  • Honda
  • Porsche
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • and others…

Never Ignore These 7 Warning Signs of Brake Problems

When you notice a noise related to braking, a difference in braking performance, or a burning smell while driving, get a brake check right away at Express Brakes Ja.”

Brake servicing is one of those routine maintenance chores you just cannot ignore. Brake parts have a life span and they do need to be regularly serviced and sometimes replaced to work properly.

Fortunately, your car, van, SUV, pickup or box truck usually gives you some clear signals that your brakes are due for servicing or inspection. Sometimes they’re harmless noises that don’t require repairs or have simple fixes. Other times not.

Your brakes are one of the most important safety components in your vehicle. So if you notice any of the following common warning signs of brake issues, it’s time to get a professional at Express Brakes Ja. to check your car, van, SUV, pickup or box truck as soon as possible. You’ll drive safer and prevent more expensive damage and probably save a life..


When one of the red or yellow brake indicators on your dashboard lights up it may mean you’re just due for an inspection. It could also be your vehicle’s smart electronics alerting you to a problem such as low brake fluid.

An engaged parking brake could also cause the light to go on. Be sure it’s fully released to confirm that’s not the issue.


Hearing a Metallic Squeal While You’re Driving the Vehicle?

If you start hearing a high-pitched squeaking noise that stops when you apply the brakes that’s likely the sound of the brake pad wear indicators. They’re made of steel so they make this sound when they start contacting the brake rotor surface.

They’re letting you know that your pads are worn out and need to be replaced before you get rotor damage, which can be an expensive fix. Once you hear the noise, don’t panic as you have more than enough time, sometimes up to 2 days to change them at express Brakes Ja. More than likely you may need to use our brake skimming services to fix this problem which will restore your brakes like new.

Grinding Sound When Pressing Brakes

Grinding that you also feel in the pedal could mean a number of things. There could just be some gravel or a rock caught in the caliper unit, easily remedied.

But you may have gone too long without brake servicing. The brake pads may be worn through, and you’re hearing metal on metal that could be creating damaging grooves in the surface of the brake rotors. This is not good.

Grinding could also be an indicator of lack of lubrication in vehicles with rear drum brakes. The brake shoe (the component that presses on the rotor to slow the vehicle) could be scraping on metal contact points like the backing plate, due to rust.

If you hear any of these sounds, get your brakes looked at right away to head off more expensive problems.

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Shaking in the steering wheel or vibration when you apply the brakes may be the result of an uneven rotor which will require the brake rotors to be skimmed/resurfaced/machined. Express Brakes Ja. offers the most economical and cost-effective methods to rectify this problem using the latest in on-vehicle brake skimming technology.

Brake rotors are big discs that sit inside of the wheels. When you hit the brake pedal, the brake pads hug the rotors, slowing them and your vehicle. You want rotors to be smooth and completely even in thickness.

Over time and thousands of wheel revolutions, it’s normal for the rotor surface to get slight variations. Rust can also sometimes develop. During brake servicing, the face of the rotor is often trued (smoothed and evened out) to correct these flaws. Using our brake skimming service in Jamaica will fix this problem also.

This work has to be done exactly to your vehicle’s specifications. The tiniest differences in disc thickness—we’re talking thousandths of an inch, about three sheets of paper in width—can cause a wobbly feeling when you brake.

An uneven rotor surface may also cause the rotor to hit one of the brake pads as it spins, causing some of the pad material to transfer onto the rotor in that spot. Then you’ll feel shaking when braking, as the pad hits that bump in the rotor.

Another possible cause of rough braking is the brake caliper not releasing properly. The job of a brake caliper is to squeeze the brake pads against your brake rotors, which slows your vehicle down. It’s the motion of the piston inside the caliper unit that causes this contact. Another cause is also that the sliding pins may be dry and need to be greased.

Due to wear from heat or road debris, the piston can get sticky. It may not retract the pads back into the full “off” position when you let up on the brake pedal.

The fourth cause of bumpy braking could be damage to your brake components from improper wheel lug nut installation. (The lug nuts are the big bolts that clamp your tire and wheel onto the hub of your car.)

Any time tires are removed, it’s crucial for the lug nuts to be put back on in the right order, evenly, at just the right tightness (torque). It has to be done in a star pattern, with just the right pressure. If not, you’ll get uneven, premature rotor wear and be back for service sooner rather than later.

Why use our services?

The old school method of skimming your brake rotors would be as follows:

  1. Drive your car to the garage
  2. Wait for the mechanic to remove the brake rotors. On some vehicles, this can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours!
  3. Drop off brake rotors to the machine shop.
  4. Collect brake rotors from the machine shop
  5. Wait for the mechanic to reinstall the brake rotors. On some vehicles, this can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours!

Let’s look at costs to have your brake rotors skimmed by this method.

  1. The mechanic is going to charge you to remove an reinstall the brake rotors
  2. The machine shop is going to charge you to skim the brake rotors

Let’s look at the time to have your brake rotors skimmed by this method.

  1. The mechanic will take about 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the vehicle
  2. The machine shop will take from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on their work volume
  3. Add the time factor of dropping off and taking back the rotors to the mechanic from the machine shop
  4. The mechanic will need 30 minutes to 2 hours to reinstall the brake rotors.
  5. Some vehicle will need to go to the alignment stand to realign the front end because of the disassembling of the brake rotors.
  6. If the machine shop did not do a good job or if the hub on the car is bent then the whole process will have to start again!

Let’s look at costs, time and benefits to have your brake rotors skimmed by OUR method.

  1. No mechanic fees to remove the brake rotors
  2. Total time from 25 minutes to 45 minutes depending on vehicle type (car, van, SUV, pickup, box truck, coaster bus).
  3. No paying to have the front end aligned at the alignment shop.
  4. Guarantee that brake pedal pulsation will be eliminated. We are the only company in Jamaica that can guarantee this using or technology.


If you’re experiencing a soft brake pedal, have a service technician at Express Brakes Ja look for fluid leaking from the master cylinder or elsewhere in the brake system. The master cylinder is the unit that creates the power for your brakes. It has a reservoir like the one for your wiper fluid that contains brake fluid.

When you apply the brakes, this fluid is pushed through thin piping, creating hydraulic pressure. If the fluid is leaking from this system, there may not be enough power to force the brake pads to clamp hard to the rotors.


If you notice a difference in the resistance in the brake pedal—it feels “softer,” or sinks all the way to the floor mat when you press on it—it’s a sign you need immediate service. There could be air or moisture in the braking system or a problem with the master cylinder. Generally, in autos with power brakes, the pedal should stop 1 to 1 ½ inch from the floor. If you have manual brakes, the pedal should stop more than 3 inches from the floor.


This could be caused by a brake hose gone bad or a caliper problem. One brake caliper may be applying more or all the pressure during braking, resulting in unbalanced stopping.


A sharp, chemical odor after repeated hard braking on steep roads is a sign of overheated brakes or clutch. Pull over immediately in a safe place, check your parking brake to make sure it’s fully released and allow the brakes to cool. If you don’t, you risk heating up the brake fluid to boiling, which can cause brake failure. Another cause for this is cheap brake pads which do not have a very good heat range and tend to break down quite easily.

If there’s any smoke coming from a wheel, it may be a stuck brake caliper and possibly unsafe to continue driving on without repairs. It’s advisable to have your brake inspected at least twice per year and we offer a free brake inspection at Express Brakes Ja.

  • "I did not believe that they could skim both my brakes in 30 minutes and yes they did! I highly recommend this company"

    Jason M.
  • "I have taken several of the family cars here for the past two years and without exception the experiences have been outstanding. Great service, honest value, and really great people."

    Marshall James
  • "Nobody does brakes in Jamaica like this company. My only suggestion is that they open more locations in Jamaica""

    Sasha G


The use of ethanol in our petrol has lead to an increase of rust appearing in the gas tanks of several vehicles which destroy the fuel pumps, and clogs up the injectors. Express Brakes Jamaica now offers gas tank lining and fuel injector cleaning in Jamaica.


We also offer fuel injector cleaning services for the gasoline engine. Contact us today about your fuel injector needs.


We line gas tanks to prevent rust from entering your fuel line and destroying your gas pump an injectors. Contact us today for info on our gas tank repairs in Jamaica


We replace brake pads only when necessary and we can recommend good alternative brands to the OEM brake pads.


Nobody beats us on time, cost and accuracy in regards to brake service repair costs in Jamaica. Looking for brake specialists in Jamaica? Call us now! 876-579-4652


  • What is brake skimming?

    “All brake discs can be skimmed at least once. The only time your brake discs should be replaced is when they reach minimum thickness and our brake experts in Jamaica will tell you if there is enough material on your brake rotors, for it to be skimmed/resurfaced/machined. Brake disc skimming is a better option and a lower cost alternative to brake disc replacement.”

  • How do I know if my brake discs/rotors are worn?

    There are two ways to check for brake wear on disc brakes (disc rotors): by looking and by listening. First, check for wear by looking at your brake pads through the spaces between the wheel’s spokes. The outside pad will be pressed against a metal rotor. Generally, there should be at least 1/4 inch of pad on the brake pad.

  • What causes brake pads to wear quickly?

    Inner Pad Wear. The inboard brake shows more wear than the outboard pad. This happens when the caliper piston is not returning to the rest position due to a worn seal, damage, or corrosion. It can also be caused by a problem with the master cylinder. Low quality, cheap brake pads also wear much faster than premium quality brake pads.

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